Eligibility Criteria

Submitted nominations which do not meet award eligibility criteria, will not be forwarded for judging.

  • Each Nominee must be a current California public school Board Member from a District or County Office of education.
  • The Nominee’s Local Education Agency (LEA) must be current CSBA members at all times during the nomination and award process.
  • Current CSBA Officers and Directors are not eligible to apply.
  • Each LEA can nominate only one individual from a board for the award per year.
  • Former Board Members of the Year are not eligible to be nominated again.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.

Nominees may be subject to disqualification at any time during the nomination submission or judging process for the following reasons:

  • Nominee is or has been the subject of an internal or external investigation conducted by or on behalf of a CSBA committee.
  • Nominee is or has been the subject of a local jurisdiction investigation.

In addition, Board Members of the Year who are found, during the year of designation, to be in violation of the attributes of this award will be disqualified and removed from the Hall of Fame.
In furtherance of these objectives, CSBA, in its discretion, may revoke any nominee’s application or Board Member of the Year title.

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